Tudou.com Online Video Hosting Site

Tudou.com is the first entry in our new site review series that takes a look at very popular sites that you may have never heard about before. Tudou is the most popular online video hosting site in China with more than 100 million video views and 40,000 new videos per day. While that does not come close to the 2 billion video views of Youtube it puts Tudou right at the top of the list.

Non-Chinese speaking users will have difficulties navigating the video portal as all texts and most of the videos are only provided in Chinese. The texts on the site can however be easily translated with a browser like Google Chrome or translation plugins for other popular browsers.

Tudou is the Chinese word for potato and a reference to the English term couch-potato. The video hosting portal offers video categories like any other platform. A difference to Youtube is the presence of tv series and other tv productions on the platform, a sector where Youtube is still lacking in.

Most videos are in Chinese but there are also videos in other languages, especially on the Sports category which contains lots of football, fighting and the popular US-American sports.

Different video quality are offered at Tudou.com which can be selected on the video pages.

Tudou.com has 250 employees in four offices in China of which 100 are responsible for reviewing all videos that are uploaded to the platform to ensure that they do “not contain political or social content that is barred by the [Chinese] government”.

The most comfortable way of navigating Tudou for non-Chinese speaking users is to use the Google Chrome web browser and configure the translator to always translate Chinese into a language understood by the user.

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